Mac’s Hot Rod V8 Trikes!

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Mac's Hot Rod V8 Trike

To build a complete trike, give us a call and we can go over the details and answer your questions on this EXCITING WAY TO RIDE!!! Price list at bottom of page

Mac Trike
Introducing our new “Hot Rod V8 Trike”!

I’ve been a long time rider and, with my knee problems, decided to look into purchasing a trike for our riding pleasure. After riding several of the trikes offered, I decided to take the time to design and build my own.

First, I wanted it to be comfortable. This means, a good ride, the least amount of heat as possible, have a good range as far as fuel economy and enough power to pull the hills with a trailer, and IT must have the “LOOK” of a True Hot Rod!!

So the Process began, in July of 2012, starting with some drawings, the concept of a true Hot Rod V8 Trike took off from there. This is what our vision has produced, the “MAC TRIKE” from Macs Hot Rod Shop.

The basic plan was to stretch the chassis, move the engine forward, allowing the heat to dissipate from the engine area before it burns the hair off your inner legs. The front of the body acts as an air scoop, mixing the fresh air with the hot air of the engine, deflecting it under the body as the trike is in motion.

As for the radiator, I decided the heat waves from other models that run a forward radiator was something we had to change. So, we designed our body to house the radiator and act as a shroud to deliver the hot used air out the rear of the trike.

These two major changes allow my trike to be a much cooler ride than my Ultra Classic is.

As far as drivability, our thoughts were that we wanted the Trike to be very drivable. Not something so wild that you were scared to crank on the throttle. To make it drivable and as efficient as possible, we like to run between a 2:73 and a 3:00 gear. Making trike very drivable, allowing the rear four bars to hook up while keeping the front end firmly planted.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss purchasing one of our kits. Or want to have us custom build your Mac Trike, shoot me an email or give me a call at 402 305 2863

Thanks !!
Rick (MAC) McManis

Build Your Own Basic Frame Package $5359.00

This kit includes:

  • 1 Lower main frame
  • 1 Upper support frame
  • 1 Trans crossmember
  • 1 Rear hoop
  • 1 Set rear suspension kit
  • 1 Set of coil over shocks

Price for fram package is $5359.00
Down payment of 3000.00 when ordered
Balance due when ready to ship

Pro Fabricators body and chassis package $12,975.00

This kit includes:

  • main body
  • 34 ford style rear fenders
  • gasser style hood scoop
  • 34 style front fender
  • Main frame with holes
  • upper back bone frame for small block chevy
  • trans crossmember
  • rear frame hoop
  • rear four bar with panard
  • rear housing brackets
  • coil over rear shocks

Pro Builders package $24,900.00

This kit includes the above plus these items:

  • 8 inch ford rear by Currie housing 3rd member and axle
  • willwood disc brakes for rear
  • willwood master cyl and mount
  • aluminum body mount package
  • gas tank
  • radiator with high volume fans
  • base front forks from American suspension with brake set up
  • custom built handle bars fit to you
  • exhaust
  • water lines custom fit to your choice of intake manifold
  • water filler neck , custom made
  • seat pan
  • Battery box
  • Drive shaft
  • all small brackets for foot peg mounts, shifter mounts, shifter linkage

Complete custom built trikes can range from mid 40’s up